domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011

Painting The Blog World Pink For a Day

*P. r. o. j. e. c. t  P. i. n. k*
{Painting The Blog World P I N K}

Are You Aware..? "Join us..?"
Over 40 blogger's and counting!
Go Pink October 3oth For A Cause.

One Day, as many blogger's as possible, painting our blogs P I N K
for an incredible cause "Breast Cancer Awareness". Sunday Oct 30th!!

This is what  Marilyn from The ArtsyGirl Connection says:

"{Project Pink} is a fun and touching day that I am putting together to
reach as many bloggers as I can to dedicate their blogs to Breast Cancer For A DAY. I am hoping to recruit as many blogger’s as I can to simply feature a blog postdedicated to the cause. A Fun Day Of Pink projects {Crafts, Food, TouchingStories, Photography and Inspirations} ALL PINK ACROSS OURBLOGS FOR ONE DAY To raise awareness and show WE CARE!

Link your blog & sign up to go P I N K for a cause on October 3oth!!

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  1. Anabella - THANK YOU SO MUCH.. I i sincerely appreciate you posting about Project Pink.. I am super excited at all the responses and how many people are coming together for the cause.. THANK YOU SO MUCH.. I am so happy you are standing with me.. : ))

  2. Thanks for featuring my spider suckers! They turned out great and all the kids ended up loving them!! Adding another link to your hop :)


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